Whether you’re back at the lodge relaxing or out in the woods with the family, it’s always great to have music and radio at your fingertips. With smartphones leading the way in technology advances, you can now have your music and important radio channels all on your smartphone. Instead of using those flimsy built-in speakers, why not use a speaker with some real BOOM?

The HEAD HSP-60 PRO wireless speaker is ideal for any situation, even right at home! It’s small size makes it great for carrying with you anywhere, and it has some new features that make it one of the most advanced speakers you can have!

In addition to its powerful bass and crisp treble, it also comes with NFC (near field communication), which, when placed near another NFC device, will automatically link the two! You can also link in a second speaker for true stereo sound. With a powerful battery, you’ll also be able to listen to music and news for up to 24 continuous hours! This small speaker packs a big punch. Equip your adventure, or your downtime with the HSP-60 PRO wireless speaker from HEAD today!

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