HCO-50 Adventureproof Case – iPhone 6/6s
The ideal solution for anyone looking to protect their phone from anything!




HCO-55P Adventureproof Case – iPhone 7+
Waterproof? Check. Shockproof? Check. Dustproof? Check. Ready to go anywhere with you? Check.
HCO-55 Adventureproof Case – iPhone 7
The official phone case for adventurers who can’t be worried about their device falling in a puddle.




HCO-70 Adventureproof Case – Samsung Galaxy S7
Tough is its middle name. For all life’s winding roads, muddy shoes, and rainy days. Equip your adventure!
HPO-50 Qualcomm 3.0 Car Charger
Put it in the glove box, and never be without the ability to power up. Ever. Because life’s greatest moments aren’t waiting for a full battery.



HCA-50 PRO Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable
The perfect complement to our Wall Charger or Car Charger. Premium braided cable that won’t be a mess of knots just because it was in your pack for five minutes.
HPO-60-US A/C Dual Port Wall Charger (*U.S.A. Version)
This compact charging block is a must in your travel gear. Next time you’re at the airport, you’ll want this. Just checked into your hotel? Plug and play with ease.


HPO-75 PRO Power Bank
A battery that can be dropped in the water? Why yes, this one will survive. A flashlight built into the battery? Perfect for the campsite.